Domestic Violence: A Shame to Everyone!

Domestic Violence

Today, domestic violence is increasing day by day. India is not the only country. It also happens in other countries. This happens in every class of society. This is not limited to women sections but also has an impact on the male section of our society. It is like a termite. It is destroying the mindset of people of our society. This is like a curse to our society.

Forms of Domestic Violence

This includes domestic abuse, battering, family violence. It is a pattern of behavior. It involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Domestic violence can take place in heterosexual and same-sex family relationships. It also involves violence against children in the family.

Martial rape

Image Source: Martial Rape

Violence involves physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religious, and sexual abuse. It can range from subtle coercive forms to marital rape to various physical abuse. Physical abuse includes female genital mutilation and acid attack. Domestic murder includes stoning, bride burning, honor killings, dowry deaths etc.

Worldwide Impact

Globally, the victims are overwhelmingly women. Hence, women are experiencing severe forms of violence. It is evident that there is a direct and significant correlation between a country’s level of gender equality and actual rates of domestic violence.Domestic violence is among the most underreported crimes worldwide for both men and women.Men face additional gender-related barriers in reporting, due to social stigmas regarding male victimization, and an increased likelihood of being overlooked by healthcare providers.

Feminist often says, "A Woman is severly assaulted every 15 seconds". 
But, Feminist never says, "A Man is severly assaulted every 14 seconds."

Men do suffer

Image Source: Men do Suffer

Spreading Awareness

It occurs when the abuser believes that abuse is acceptable, justified, or unlikely to be reported. It produces a generational cycle of abuse in children and other family members. They may feel that such violence is acceptable or condoned. Awareness, perception, definition, and documentation of domestic violence differs widely from country to country. As a result of abuse, victims may experience physical disabilities, chronic health problems, mental illness, limited finances, and poor ability. Victims may experience psychological problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. This is our society. So by awareness, we can clear out domestic violence from our society as the government has also made some laws against this. The laws should also get strengthened and mentality of people should also get to change otherwise, our society could be in great danger. There should be no conflicts. Both Men and Women should live peacefully.

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