Zakir Naik Not Returning To India Very Soon


Zakir Naik, the dubious evangelist known for abhorring addresses that supposedly motivated an ISIS fear based oppressor associated with the 2016 Dhaka assault, is going to India from Malaysia, sources told NDTV on Tuesday.

“He is out of the nation this evening. He will take a trip to India today I trust,” a Malaysian government source told NDTV in Kuala Lumpur.

Naik has called the report “absolutely unjustifiable and false”. He was cited as saying: “I have no plans to come to India till I don’t feel safe from out of line indictment. When I feel that the administration will be simple and reasonable, I will most likely come back to my country.”

His legal counsellor Dato Shaharuddin Ali said “starting today”, there is no reality in the report that Zakir Naik was being sent back to India. Neither had he been served any removal papers, he included.

The home service says it has no correspondence from Malaysia on Naik’s arrival.

The dubious evangelist left India in 2016 and has been living in Putrajaya in Malaysia since. He was additionally given a changeless residency and grasped by top Malaysian government authorities.

Indian examiners have been requesting that Malaysia hand him over as he is needed by the counter dread National Investigation Agency.

Malaysia said India had neglected to create a red corner see – which acts like a universal capture warrant – against him. “In our discussions with Indian experts like RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), we said please give us an Interpol notice and we will capture him, however, they neglected to do as such,” said an authority.

There has been the theory about a difference in an arrangement on Zakir Naik’s stay in Malaysia after the exit of the Najib Razak government, the legitimate battle for which is on in court.

The Home Minister of Malaysia was as of late cited as saying that Zakir Naik was liable to nearby laws in the event that he had carried out a wrongdoing.

In any case, the police experts couldn’t affirm if his arrival was a piece of arrangements with India.

A year ago, the NIA arranged charges against Zakir Naik, saying he has been “advancing animosity and scorn between various religious gatherings in India through open addresses and addresses.”

Naik, a 52-year-old medicinal specialist, has in his fiery talks prescribed capital punishment for gay people and the individuals who forsake Islam. He is heard saying in a YouTube video that if Osama receptacle Laden was “threatening America the psychological militant, the greatest fear monger, I am with him”.

A channel called “Peace TV”, which highlights Zakir Naik’s preachings was restricted by Bangladesh after reports guaranteed that fear mongers at a Dhaka bistro that slaughtered 22 individuals were roused by him.



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