YouTube’s Incognito Mode For Private Watching Is Rolling Out On Android


Here and there you need to watch a video on YouTube and not have it appear in your history. For those minutes when you have to go covert. YouTube for Android made this conceivable and showed signs of improvement at keeping insider facts.

YouTube as of late included an Incognito mode that makes it simpler to watch videos without leaving a trace. The incognito mode – the video platform has been testing since May is now ready to roll out to all Android users.

Google has this solution on mobile devices, borrowed from Chrome. Just like incognito mode in Chrome, the one for YouTube doesn’t log what you watch, keeping your history squeaky clean. The feature is presently accessible for Android, and there’s no word if, or when, it’ll make it to the iOS form of the application.

To get to the incognito mode, essentially tap on your symbol to see the new “Turn on Incognito” choice, which replaces the Sign Out catch. In the event that you switch it on, you’ll get an incite advising you that your school, employer and ISP will probably still see your activities.


The application shows two or three markers that don’t leave when you’re in incognito mode: the familiar icon with hat and glasses takes over your avatar, while a bar at the bottom clearly states that “You’re incognito.” Although YouTube’s menu is still completely noticeable while the mode is exchanged on, you can just access the Home and Trending choices. In the event that you attempt to go Subscriptions, Inbox and Library, you’ll get a clear screen and a notice that they’ll only be visible if you turn incognito off.

The latest version of YouTube that comes with the new mode is now available for download, so all you’ve got to do to get the feature is update your app. If you don’t see the option in your app, make sure that you have the latest version on YouTube installed on your phone by going to the Google Play Store on your device and checking for updates. If Incognito mode is still MIA, give it a few days, since you tube is still testing it.


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