What Young India ACTUALLY Wants !

chetan bhagat
I think way more than you know : A young Indian

I remember reading a book titled “What young India wants” by Chetan Bhagat. Well, as inspiring as Bhagat wanted it to be, there came a point where I could hardly take any more of whatever was written in there. And you know what is the main reason for this. Well, Bhagat’s view of our country in future is very idealistic, when I can bet that ideals are not exactly what we care about during youth. Considering that everything he said might help progress India as a nation, here are a few things that the youth of India actually wants.

1.Get done with the hypocrisy: Honestly, Please. Time and again we are told how to behave in front of people and what to do in order to be accepted by the society. But guess what, we do not really care. If there is one thing that every young adult wants to be, is to be himself and do what he feels like. We don’t want to show how great we are. All we need is the freedom to do things by our own will, and not be judged for it.

The entire problems begins and ends here.

2. Acceptance: Yes, this may sound a bit weird, but we need more acceptance. It is about time that our parents and older generations understand that there is a generation gap between us. The way we think and react towards different situations is different from how they do, and well, we are not always wrong. Some of their ideas are actually better, and they need to accept this fact.

Generation Gap Exists : And we are not the only ones responsible.

3.Freedom: Well, if you cannot relate to this, think of it this way. If I am a waiter or a masseuse in United States of America (yes, I am taking reference from friends here), I can still live a normal life. As long as I can take care of myself, people don’t really care what I am doing or how I do it. Can you see the same ever happening in India? Well, of course not. Because for majority of the Indian parents, life starts from being an engineer, doctor or lawyer and ends there. There is not really much more to it. Well, this need to end. Each one of us should have the freedom to make our decisions and be allowed to become completely self-dependent, especially after a certain age.

How most Indian parents define a successful child

4.Tolerance: This might again sound a bit out of place. But remember Aamir Khan’s comment on how tolerant India is as a nation. Well, the way the public reacted to it actually made me see his point. Acceptance and tolerance as related in some way. If we can’t accept something, we can at least try to tolerate it, if it’s for the sake of something bigger and better. For eg. If you read this article, don’t frown. Try to tolerate opposing opinions and accept the problems in your own point of view.

These are a few things that I believe the young India would actually want to see happening in future.


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