Yogi sarkar

Whenever the government is taken on target, things are done very much, this time it is Yogi sarkar! No party is left behind to bake political chapatis. Even in the Vivek Tiwari Murder case in UP, the BSP party’s acrid attack becomes more visible than the SP.

BSP supremo Mayawati said that if I was the chief, then the first action against those policemen who were involved in the murder. Only after that, I met with the victim’s family. But the CM Yogi did it in another way. In the end, BSP supremo said that it seems that the law and order in Uttar Pradesh have completely shuddered.

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Mayawati attacked the Yogi Sarkar government in the murder case of Apple’s sales manager Vivek Tiwari. He said that Brahmins are being exploited in the BJP government. Mayawati said that action should also be taken against the guilty constables in this murder along with the careless officers. Today, we sent our party’s National Secretary General Satish Chandra Mishra to the deceased’s house. In this sad moment, Bahujan Samaj Party is standing with the deceased family.

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