The internet can sometimes prove to be a fun space. We often encounter some instances which initially seem very mundane but does not take much time to become viral and take the whole world in its grip. It becomes so famous that it holds the capacity to divide the people into groups and classes, setting the tone for the start of a mass debate that we become a part of knowingly or unknowingly.

Time and again there have been examples of occurrences which set out to test people’s IQ or their sensory organs. Some of the famous examples that can be cited are the debate over the colour of the dress whether it’s blue or black, gold or white.

The most recent debate to join this list is the one with the 5-second audio clip and the question whether you hear Laurel or Yanny in it. The response of the people is greatly divided on it. While some hear Laurel some claim to here Yanny.

This whole issue started when a student in Georgia posted the said clip on Instagram. She had the word ‘Laurel’ in her vocabulary list but when she looked it up in vocabulary.com she heard ‘Yanny’. From that single post the debate in sued and it became viral with a very few days talking several social media platforms by storm.

The enthusiasm about this debate is seen not only among the common people but also amongst the celebrities and sportspersons. Some brands are even using this debate as a mascot for advertising their own products.

It is true that you may hear either Laurel or Yanny in the clip. But there is a proper scientific reason for this issue. Dan Ackerman of CNET says after interviewing scientists and audio experts, there’s a reasonable explanation. “Our ears are attuned to different frequencies,” he said. “As you get older you lose the ability to hear some high frequencies. If you have some hearing damage from listening to music over the years, and people’s ears are just attuned differently.” Hence the difference in hearing.

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But irrespective of the reason and logic behind it, the debate still continues and people are still divided into Team Laurel and Team Yanny. If nothing else comes out of it, it sure is a source of entertainment for the people! And entertainment as harmless as this is always welcome.

So people… What do you Hear!?!

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