Xiaomi MI 5 review

  • Surbhi Jain

Nearly five years ago, Xiaomi released their first Smartphone: the Mi 1, and other MI phones. Xiaomi’s goal of using inexpensive hardware to increase MIUI’s presence within China was simple and effective and certainly paid off; in 2015, for example, Xiaomi shipped nearly seventy million Smartphone’s, the most of any smartphone manufacturer within China.

The Mi5, which has a 5.15-inch screen, goes for sale on Xiaomi’s online store in India on
April 5, 2017. It’ll cost INR 24,999 (US$376) in India for the 32GB model. The Mi 5’s build
quality seems to be on par with other flagship Smartphones. It feels solid in the hand and
tactile feedback from the power and volume buttons as well as features like flush camera
optics are immediately noticeable and appreciated. The craftsmanship is what sets the
Xiaomi Mi 5 apart from much of the competition within the same price range.

If there is just one aspect of the Xiaomi Mi 5 that tips the flagship Smartphone scale, it has
to be its beastly Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. It’s one of the fastest mobile
processors available on the market today.

The Mi 5 is not only fast at charging, however, as it offers excellent battery life. The Mi 5’s
battery life puts it slightly ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S7, despite being powered by a
a battery of the same capacity.

Overall, there’s no denying that Xiaomi has made yet another excellent Smartphone. The Mi 5 undercuts the best Smartphone on the market in price but not nearly as much in features as in previous years. The Mi 5’s design, display, performance, hardware, battery life, camera, and software impressed us overall, which is astonishing at this price point. Xiaomi has yet again raised the bar for what an affordable Smartphone should be, and much like previous years, rival OEMs will certainly need to up their game to topple Xiaomi’s latest flagship.



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