Wrist Watches No More Useful ? :(

Wrist Watch

Wrist watches have a very short history. It was in the 20th century when people started wearing them. For men, it was a trend and for women, it became an ornament but that was only for the middle-aged rich people. The aged ones were not used to it, hence continued with there pocket watches, and the young ones were too young to use them. Gifting a golden wrist watch to the graduates on the day of a university’s convocation or a diamond-studded wrist watch to one’s lady love as an anniversary gift was considered as a royalty.

 But gradually, things started to change. Cell phones came into existence. Mobile phones, even the basic ones, told time to its user. Slowly, people stopped bothering about their wrist watches.

Watch On The Wrist – Analog + Digital

The early 21st century began to see the changes in the basic phones too. They were becoming smarter now.. the ‘smartphones’. Now people had (have) calculators, calendars, internet and what not on the same device. Mobiles were advancing, but the wrist watches remained the same. They just developed from the ‘Mechanical wrist watches’ to the electronic ones. That’s it. Otherwise, they were still the same.

When Smartphones started telling the time

But still, for few tech-savvy individuals, digital watches were/are still at craze. Now, even the watch makers became alarmed and thought of advancing their watches in different ways. They changed their designs, added new features and many things to increase their sale. Hence, watches made a grand comeback.

Will Always Love & Miss You But Still Keep You “My Wrist Watch”

Okay, so coming back to the question.. are wrist watches no more useful these days? The answer is ‘No’. Of course, wrist watches are useful these days, but for a different purpose. Today, people have different ways to count time. But at times, they still rely upon their wrist watches to match with their outfits and to bring in the sense of style. Surely, wrist watches have lost their real purpose, but still, to an extent, they are in the show for a different purpose.


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