World’s largest Air Purifier (China at it’s best)

largest air purifier
  • Drishti Banaudha 

China has built a 100 meter high and 328 feet tall “Air purifier” which has been claimed as world’s largest air purifier to reduce the deadly pollution by air in a country.

     The basic 5 facts which have been known till now about this purifier are:-

  • This purifier can influentially reduce the smog level up to the range of 10 square kilometres.
  • It produces more than 10 million cubic meters of clean air per day.
  • The system has been overlapped by a greenhouse covering. Polluted air is soaked up by greenhouse glass and is heated up by solar energy. This hot air then rises up and is passed through amalgam cleaning filter.
  • This system also works during winter due to an overlapped layer of greenhouse glass which gains heat through solar energy at high efficiency.
  • According to a report of 2014, if the tower is full-sized it will reach up to 1,640 feet high with a 656 feet diameter.
  • This has been built in Xian in Shaanxi province of northern China. The preliminary report says that the pollution level has declined somewhat in China.

       In my perspective, China has done a tremendous job for its people. Well according to a report around 1.8 million people has been killed due to smog in China. This country has never failed themselves to amaze us. After carrying so much population more than from our country they are still successful in maintaining their dignity all over the world. Well according to me this time “China is at it’s best”.


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