World’s First Spinning Tower is here !

Dynamic Tower - Worlds first rotating skyscraper.


Yes ! You read it right !

Dubai may soon become home to the world’s first spinning tower.

The “Dynamic Tower”, it was first proposed by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher in 2008. However, the project was put on hold until now.

It is revealed now that the rotating skyscraper will be unveiled in 2020. However, the firm responsible for designing the project, Dynamic Architecture, is yet to announce the date of commencement of the project

dynamic tower

It is the first building designed by four dimensions. In other words, it is the first building that continues to change and never looks the same.

The skyscraper is set to have 80 floors that can rotate 360 degrees within the 1,375 ft-tall building, moving independently through voice-activated command controls that allow you to adjust the speed or stop the movement.


Each apartment is expected cost $30 million, and will run on energy provided by wind turbines created in between each of the floors and solar panels on the roof, which will allow it to be completely self-powered. Further, the cost of the skyscraper will take $3 billion to construct.

The 80-storey building will become the first 4D skyscraper in the world once it is completed. It will reach a staggering 420 metres in height covering an area of around 1.2 million square feet.

Well…The day is not far when we’ll have the First Flying Tower!


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