World Yoga Day


Yoga, a word renowned in the ancient Indian history since ever whose origin dates back to the pre-Vedic India. The word yoga originated from a Sanskrit word, ‘योगः’ is a wholesome aggregation of mental, physical and spiritual health and discipline.

The International Yoga Day, IYD, more commonly named as, Yoga Day, is an annual celebration of the yoga, a physical practice to attain a proper and well-disciplined mind, body and soul. The world celebrates Yoga Day on June 21 every year since its inauguration in 2k15.

In 2k15, the United Nations’ General Assembly declared an International celebration for yoga to promote health, harmony, and peace at the global level. If you go with the reports, the idea to observe IDY was put up by India’s Prime Minister Sir Narendra Modi in the United Nations’ General Assembly in the year 2k14. That was when PM Modi also brought to light the benefits of yoga amidst the world and the World started admiring the ancient traditions of the Indian Culture.

The International Yoga Day, 2k18, is the fourth edition in the series of IYD. Its main event has been lead by the PM Narendra Modi in Dehradun where he along with various other ministers perform yoga amidst thousands of the citizens from across the globe. Various other locations in the country witnessed people observing IYD.

Now that we are talking about IYD, how can we miss throwing light on the goals and benefits one seeks through yoga. So, here are a few major goals of performing yoga:
# yoga is a medium to attain a proper healthy and disciplined body.
# yoga is also used as a means to get a good control over mind and body.
# yoga poses have the ability to cure and also protect/ shield the body from various ailments.
# yoga also focuses on making the human soul healthy and pious by shielding it from negative vibes.

The most prominent benefits of performing yoga over a regular basis include:
# flexibility: performing yoga on a regular basis enhances the flexibility of the body.
# muscular strength: the loose and weak muscles get strengthened by observing yoga.
# many of us have difficulty in sitting or standing with a proper body posture. Observing yoga helps us to enhance our body postures for betterment.

# the yoga also enhances the blood flow in the body and also maintains it for the good health.
# boosts immunity: yoga observance by contracting and stretching your muscles, enhances metabolism thus, boost immunity.
# helps in improving concentration, metabolism, balance, maintains our nervous system.

# gives us the feeling of high self-confidence, peace of mind and makes you happier.
# protects us from allergies and bacteria and infections.

Yoga has these days, become a perfect exercise to attain the healthy mind, body, and soul. The constant increase in the number of people who observe yoga is more than enough to spread the awareness about how significant it is for our health. Thus, every one of us should take out at least 10 minutes from our so busy- schedule to observe yoga for our own benefits. One must also keep in mind the fact that we should not perform yoga beyond our stamina and exhaust our body. We must also avoid the poses that we cannot easily make and thus, avoid injuring ourselves.


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