One More Lonely Creature:Why the Earth Needs Your Help


The fresh breeze has been replaced with black smoke. The blooming flowers have been replaced with plastic bottles. And the buzzing bees replaced with industrial noise. This is the state of our world. Yet, we fail to take action. The Earth is crying for help. Our bodies our calling for help. Yet we ignore these cries. The worst of our fears are coming true and yet we sit idol.

A United Nations report has revealed that our biodiversity is sinking at an alarming rate. The reason to be worried are too many list. The most important is perhaps the exhaustion of commercial Fish stocks in Asia. Fish and rice are the staple food items in many South East and East Asian nations. Even in India, fish is a large part of the diet in many coastal regions. This could rapidly send the nations on a downward slope to poverty. And one thing we know is that hunger can cause multiple social, economic and cultural issues. This shows us that the effect of environmental problems is not exclusive to that one arena of forests or oceans. It even effects the society and its more human aspects, such as relationships.

Another way environment affects the human society is the way we perceive issues and evaluate them. When we face an issue, will try to look at it from every perspective, such as social, political, more importantly, economic and even cultural. Yet, there is never an environmental perspective. The environment makes us. We are subordinate to the environment. The world is meant to be cherished and sustained, not exploited and destroyed. The very survival of our human race hinges on the survival of the biodiversity of the planet. Every creature has to live in harmony with each other because we do not live in vacuum. Its time we take the findings of the UN report seriously and work towards a more sustainable future.


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