Won’t You Love to Have a Father – Daughter Relationship like Them?


Our parents are our greatest strength. Every child wants to have a healthy and loving bond with their parents. It is often said that a father bonds the best with daughter while a mother bonds well with her son. But every bond is special in its own right and we should always cherish them.

The video I am about to share with you all is of a father – daughter duo which have taken the internet by storm. Lip syncing to the song ‘Girl like you’ by Maroon 5,one of America’s top bands, they are an epitome of love, care and innocence that touches a string of our hearts. A toddler in the arms of her father, with a cute smile on her face, and singing without any worry of the world is enough to make it a hit among the viewers.

‘Girl like you’ is a song dedicated by Maroon 5 to women empowerment. I already loved this song but this recent video made me love it even more. Thus video is now viral across different social media platforms. It has already crossed a million views on YouTube.

What’s more to say. Watch the video yourself and enjoy it. I believe it will bring a smile to your face just like it did to me…



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