You Won’t Believe It – Five Weirdest Jobs In The World !

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Bored of your 9 to 5 job, where all you do is sit in front of the computer till you’re cranky, drink 100 cups of tea, curse your boss to the end of the world, race against time to meet insane deadlines and finally reach home only to fall asleep within minutes? Well then, take at look at these people who have the five   weirdest jobs in the world. While some are so much fun they hardly seem like jobs, others are so outright disgusting that it must take superhuman efforts to not puke while on duty.

Professional Pushers: Do you travel in the Virar fast local everyday and get almost cramped by the hundreds that seem to swarm into the train at every single station? Well then, these professional pushers might certainly come to your rescue! Japan has a fleet of professional pushers at strategic metro stations and all they have to do is push the people inside trains to ensure that less trains are delayed (because the trains doors can close on time). Woah! Imagine that. Being paid to just push people around!

Professional Sleeper: If you were shocked by the previous one on the list , you sure must think that this job is insane! You’re actually paid to do something that you do every single day! How awesome is that? All those people have to do is to give in the comforting cocoon of sleep while scientists and researchers observe their behaviour and bodily functions for the sake of research. I don’t know about you, but I for sure am applying for this job!

Deodorant Tester: As a deodorant taster, your world literally rests on your nose. All you have to do is smell people’s armpits and test the odour fighting power of different deodorants. If you’re lucky, the deodorant’s doing its job and the smell is tolerable and if you’re not, may Lord save you.

Car Plate Blocker: In order to deal with the ever-increasing traffic, Iran has come up with a system where cars with number plates ending with even numbers and number plates ending with odd numbers are allowed on roads on alternate days. So now, in order to get past this rule, the people hire men who walk behind their cars so that their car plates are not captured on camera. Takes notes, Indians.

Professional Mourner: For all those people who have always been bugged by the question, “Who will cry when I die?” here’s a solution. Rest assured, even if all your friends, loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances don’t turn up for your funeral, these professionals will turn up without fail. All they to do is turn up at people’s funerals and cry. The harder and louder they cry, the more they’re paid.

And that’s not all folks. If you care to find out, there are hundreds of these out-of-the-way jobs waiting for you. So, pack your bags, hand in your resignation and try out at least one of these before you decide to finally settle down in life.


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