Women’s World T20: India-Pakistan match tonight


The second match of the Indian Women’s World Twenty20 will be from Pakistan from 8.30pm on Monday night. India defeated New Zealand by 34 runs in their first match. If he defeats Pakistan, then the place in his semi-finals will be almost sure. On the other hand, Pakistan must defeat India to keep its claim strong in the last-4. He has lost his first match against Australia by 52 runs. On Monday, Group B’s second match will be played between Australia and Ireland.

‘What will you open with Sehwag?’ Listened to this ironical talks, now with own batting doing the magnificent performance for India

10 teams of ICC T20 World Cup have been divided into two groups. Group B has teams from India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Every group’s top-2 teams will enter the semi-finals. In such a case, if the Indian team beats Pakistan, then it will be four points and they will be very close to the semi-finals. If Pakistan wins this match, then it will be on equal footing with two points. But if the Pakistan losers will be trapped in the do or die. If he loses to India, he will not only have to win both his remaining matches but also have to improve the run-rate. Right now India’s run rate is +1.70. Whereas, the Run rate of Pakistan is -2.60 in minus.



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