Women Security: Same Issue Yet No Solution

Women Security

Women Security? It has been ages since we’ve been speaking and hearing about the equality, education, security, and all those issues that proof women an inferior entity in the society. We have been a witness to devastating consequences of the conflicts against women. Since the early ages of life, the gender gap between the males and females never decreased. With fewer resources to security and protection, women have lived their life without a hitch.

With time the issues, problems and sufferings did never reduce but, were always skyrocketing, with always a bigger problem than before. Be it war tactics, such as sexual violence or domestic torture; be it dowry greed or the molestation or rape, it was always a woman being targeted. In fact, they had also been almost missing from peace negotiations.

Women security has become a big concern for the countries like India, with female covering a major section of the society. Every second public speaker would at some point of time talk about the problems of women, yet we have no solution to it. In India, women are supposed to be treated with utmost respect in the society since the very ancient time. Indian women are found working in all fields like aeronautics, space, politics, banks, schools, sports, businesses, army, police, and many more. We cannot deny that this country has the low women concern however we cannot also ignore positive points for women in India.


Whether it is home or the working place, last few crimes against women especially rape cases were very dread and fearful. Because of such crimes, women safety in India has become a doubtful topic. Living through the breath-taking crimes and assaults such as rape, dowry deaths, sexual harassment at home or workplace, kidnapping and abduction, cruelty by husband, relatives, assault on a woman, and sex trafficking women have proved themselves of being stronger than our assumptions.

It is not just the night or evening when a woman is harassed, she is also made to face the same in the daytime at their home, workplaces, or other places like street, club, etc. It is true that women in modern India are joining high offices (President, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Union Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Chief Minister, Governor, etc) however on the back of curtain they are being exploited too.

The concerned authorities have made all attempts possible in hand to provide relief to suffering women. Despite the formation of various effective rules and regulations by the Indian government to handle and control the crimes against women, the number and frequency of crimes against women are increasing day by day. Women status in the country has been more offensive and dreadful in the last few years.

The issue of the womanhood is still the same and with so many policies, rules and regulations we have yet not reached a perfect solution to it.

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