Women empowerment vs Feminism

As women, we often make superficial judgments of other women too quickly and then actively pursue this judgment in the way we treat them. Ladies, this is NOT real feminism.
Women empowerment is strengthening her rights and protecting her from any kinds of fundamental or human rights violation.
Whereas, Feminism advocates equality which is again possible by empowering women with knowledge of their rights and choices, and building their strength to stand against wrong, and to voice against any form of oppression.
In today’s time, the feminism word is often misinterpreted and confused.
Feminism is a by-product of lack of women empowerment. If women were as empowered as men are there will be no need for the feminist movement.
Going to work and having your own money is not empowerment. A woman has to have the economic, emotional and intellectual independence to be really called empowered and should not need a man validator to make her feel all these virtues. Another strong indicator of women empowerment is that keeping no grudge with men and being ready to give the same respect, love, and support what they once desired as women.
Sometimes they push too hard and feminist take it to a point where men feel, what women felt once. If we were oppressed once, we only want to get out from that obsessing situation, a goal should not be to take the role of oppressor.
Many of the barriers to women’s empowerment and equity lie ingrained in cultural norms. Many women feel these pressures, while others have become accustomed to being treated as inferior to men.
Women empowerment, we have not achieved it yet that is why we see talk of feminism. A huge number of women in this world are still living like slaves in their own homes, they are physically, verbally and emotionally abused on the daily basis, with no support system to turn to.
We won’t ever succeed in making the real impact, in gender equality and equal rights if we are constantly trying to take one another down.


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