Women empowerment, something that has become a significant topic worth discussion in almost every gathering for the welfare of the society today. Every woman has some thoughts, needs, and feelings that she wants to give voice to but, is chained back by the boundness of the stereotypical society. There are very few who have access to this freedom and enjoy the essence of equality amidst their male counterparts. Promoting this thought, Kofi Anonn once said, “there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of the women.”

Women empowerment is the empowerment of the females that helps them to make their own decisions, by breaking all the limitations of the society and the family, for their personal dependence. This empowerment allows women to be independent in all aspects of thoughts, mind, rights and decision making. This also brings equality in the society for both male and female in all areas. Women empowerment is very necessary to make the bright future of the nation as well as the world. It is an essential tool to get the goal of development.

Be it any nation across the globe, there isn’t even one that has 100 % equality for both the genders, there isn’t even one where women feel secured on the mid-road 24×7. Also, there isn’t even one where they are guaranteed to be nowhere prohibited of their basic rights. It should be regarded legal to grant women the equality in the society just as the one men enjoy in all the spheres. Currently, empowering women is the concern of the Development Departments in all the countries. As they constitute a great section of the population, it is a matter of concern to make them independent in every area for the holistic development of women and children.

The world today is known for being male chauvinistic. Required measures are timely taken to improve the quality of living for women and to promote them but within the core of the society, they are still treated badly. They are beaten black and blue, thrashed as if merely a toy. As mentioned before, women constitute a great part of the population thus, great power in their hands. So, in order to make a nation a powerful country, women empowerment is very important.

When discussing women empowerment, some questions that arise for sure include “have women become really strong?” and “when will their long-term struggle end?” many programmes are implemented and run by the government such as International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, etc to create awareness about their basic rights and the true value of women in the development and why they need to be progressed in the various spheres. Since the very early time, the women have been subjected to the honor killings and have never been accessed to their basic rights for the proper education and freedom. They are forced to face violence and abuse, bear torture in the male-dominated era.

There have been several measures taken to improve the pitiful conditions of the women and that has sown definitely quite good improvements. Not just female sex ratio but, also the female literacy rate has increased manifolds. We can now see a woman in almost every field now. They are now given equal rights and are now treated more humanely. Women are also relieved of the demons of dory system, sexual harassment, female infanticide, illiteracy, inequality, domestic violence, rape, prostitution, gender discrimination, illegal trafficking and many more.

It is high time to realize the fact that:
“Being a woman is a matter of BIRTH,
Being a woman is a matter of AGE,
But being a LADY is a matter of CHOICE. ”

It needs to understand the necessity of eliminating the ill-practices against women. We need to open up our mind and change the old mindset against women as “women are the real architects of the society.” “Women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and have always been.” is a well-said verse by William Golding that provokes us to treat women equally. Rupi Kaur wrote so well to portray women as more than beautiful.

I want to apologize to all the women
I have called pretty
Before I have called them intelligent or brave
I am sorry I made it sound as though
Something as simple as what you have born with
Is the most you have to be proud of
When your spirits have crushed mountains
From now on I will say things like, you are resilient
Or, you are extraordinary.
Not because I don’t think you are pretty.
But because you are so much more than that.



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