Captain of South African women’s cricket team marries teammate


In a romantic tale straight from the center of the cricket pitch, Dane van Niekerk – captain of South Africa’s national women cricket team – last Sunday, got married with Marizanne Kapp, from same team and a fast bowler as well as all-rounder of gigantic notoriety.

Van Niekerk and Kapp are presently the second couple among current international cricketers tieing knot with same-sex cricketers after New Zealand’s lovely pair of Amy Satterthwaite and Lea Tahuhu took the vows.

The declaration was made on Kapp’s official Instagram page and  ESPNCricinfo reported that the greater part of their team went to attend the wedding. Kapp took to Instagram to give fans and supporters a chance to stay refreshed with what unquestionably is the beginning of their most vital innings together.

While love sprouted off the cricket field, both van Niekerk and Kapp have been solid performers on the pitch and have a few accomplishments to their particular credit. Van Niekerk and Kapp had made their international debuts for South Africa in the space of two days amid the 2009 Women’s World Cup.

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Curiously, both van Niekerk and Kapp’s vocations have advanced indistinguishably. While van Niekerk is the main wicket-taker for South Africa with 125 wickets in ODIs, Kapp is third on the rundown with 99 scalps.

With 1,770 runs, van Niekerk is fourth on the rundown of South Africa’s record-breaking run-getters while Kapp is set 6th with 1,618 runs.

In 2015, previous Australia cricketer Alex Blackwell wedded her accomplice Lynsey Askew, an ex-England cricketer. The marriage occurred in England when same-sex marriage was not perceived in Australia. Late in 2017, Australian cricketer Elyse Villani had conceded being a lesbian, and she is accepted to see her partner Nicole Bolton.

After the postal overview directed in 2017 in Australia with a specific end goal to get the Parliament examine legitimizing same-sex marriage, another cricketer Megan Schutt praised the ‘Yes’ vote by posting a photo kissing her accomplice Jess Holyoake.

Someone has told it purely right, “Love has no age, no gender and no limit”. In todays world, gender has nothing to with love and that what give right to every individual to marry with their own choice. Same-sex couples have the right to civil mairrige.


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