The country back in full election mood after some switch over due to Pulwama episode. The political parties, entertaining debates in the news hours to common masses election carnival brings something to joy for everyone to be engaged. This coming election will matter to ruling party BJP to more than anybody else it’s strange but with BJP as a political entity it reckons everything for the idea and on the pledge BJP existence came to alive and where labelled itself the only flag bearer of Hinduvta, Hindu Ashmita and Hindu nationalism under the guidance of its parent RSS.

BJP vigorously successfully tried to cement itself a sole runner of Hindu deeds from care for Cows, leading Ram Mandir movement to the fact the remaining cites of on the forgotten Hindu glory till the showing dream of a Hindu Rashtra all made BJP is the symbol of only Hindu hope,  although these deeds are partially in picture but never succeeded as full image. But what resulted through BJP Hindutva politics that it made a Hindu a centrepiece in the Indian political spectrum, where it made other political counterparts realized that soft-Hindu portrait as a political key of success. Recent pictures of newly came in Priyanka Gandhi Temple show in her East UP tour to Rahul Gandhi Mandir adventures tell us about how Congress harnessing the soft-Hindu image. 

Indicating  emergence of huge discourse about the reviving  and revisiting the Hindu cultural glory and pride that completely outcast and made to be lost from the Historical books by the minds of intellectual class of this nation due to promptly the leftist dominance in intellect stream that  resulted in it Hindu sentiments found absent from political discourse and captured by the vague idea of Secularism which revolves around Muslim appeasement and discards of Hindu cultural importance and it extended to the height it made Manmohan Singh as PM legitimize to say minorities have upper hand in the country resources.  But post 2014 Narendra Modi led BJP gave the RSS  a new breath where it very smartly filled the vacuum and first time Hindus Culture and religion is the natural identity of India were said from the stage and in every public discourse,  it not only get success in polarising   and unification of Hindus but made it clear Hindus is the deal maker or breaker of the political arena for that all credit must be given to RSS and BJP efforts in the drastic pushover.

But million dollar question is on the verge that possibility of BJP losing power in the general polls then who will keep on a carry to flags for Hindus? accurate answer is unprecedented but could be fine through the assumption of the nature of BJP minus political elites who will surely push back efforts to reviving of Hindu Pride as mainstream idea 10 to 5 back it’s the moment of getting back where it all started for the Hindu glory,  because apart BJP and RSS its deep thought that understands Hindu not as unify but  as a divided fringe into the cast based system and rather seeing Hindu as entity parties like BSP OR SP to TMC in latest always choose to get benefit by undermining Hindus into the ugly frame of caste and reason for discrimination.

These pseudo- secular obsessed parties are much based on the legacy of socialist or secularism through the eyes thinkers like Ambedkar and others like minded who viciously abandoned the Hindus and continuously understood Hindu glory as bad taste it seen in the vague bracket of “Manuvad” and labelled communal to the anyone who comes forward to talk about Hindu rights.  They misinformed and misunderstood the RSS idea of the Hinduvta as the religious identity which in imposing in nature but not as actual true cultural identity of the land all this promotes Hinduphobic notions people especially the young educated minds in the universities where an instance of feeling pride they still feel shame in re-looking their past.

But as BJP successfully made Hindus entered in the political chess it’s not a profitable business for opposition government if they come the power to ignore the Hindus importance but let’s be truthful there will no one apart from RSS and BJP to even dare to talk about re-looking of Hindu glory which is sadly considered to be piece of Garbage by big makers of modern Indi

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