With the Americans Backing from Syria does its Fate now Lie with the Russians?


Donald Trump’s decision to call back all American troops from the Syria and Afghanistan has left Sriya as the open field for the American counterpart – Russians. Withdrawing of around 2,000  Ameican troops from Syrian soil will leave Syria in a nasty reality because it was these American Troops who from the last 4 years have helped to crush Islamic terror groups in Syria. Now seeing going them back, all these groups and fringes will dare to reunite and reunion.

Syrian President Al-Assad is still a favourite boy for Russians from the starting days of the conflict. With help of Russians this Syrian dictator won the country’s civil war which consisted of eight years of bloodshed and saved his presidency making the Al-Assad dominance everlasting and will help him to retain the power in long term.

Russia acting supreme in Syria will enable them to have a major stake in every policy matters for the country.  For many Russians thus means the indispensable power in the region and taking every decision in dealing with Israel, Iran and Turkey. But Russian supremacy seems to have very much failed in creating a peace order in Syria. Going back of the American forces will give the upper hand in power and dominance to Assad. If Russia wants be call themselves fortune tuner for Syria, Russia must bring back peace in the region.

The Russsians are mistaken by looking at Al-Assad as the last man for the dream of a Stable Syria. They are wrong here because Al-Assad is a ruthless dictator who just doesn’t let any scope for the peaceful nation. The way of dealing with thing is shambolic for the Syrian fate, like he enjoy bombing his enemies or give death threat to its own people through the use of chemical weapons and poisonous gases . His recent policies made hard for 6 million Syrians to come back home who fled to foreign soils due to conflict. Assad is not showing any signs to stop until he gets back all his/Syrian territories lost during the conflict.

Vladimir Putin and his Russia have to understand that Syria’s real problem lies with Al-Assad being in power. If Russia doesn’t tie his control over Assad it will struggle to get the mentioned aim of peace in Syria there have to be end of Assad. Ruthless ruling, which ruined his nation completely for decades to come ought to stop. Russia can not just get away through this responsibility, they also need to end the war,  sustain peace and bring back to home the 6 million Syrians estranged on foreign soil.






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