Will the Verdict of Supreme Court in Favour of Entry of Women in Sabrimala Temple Hold?


Supreme Court in the last couple of months had given many path breaking verdicts which for sure if followed and obeyed by all will bring about the introduction of a new age in Indian history. Of these mentioned verdicts is the one regarding the entry of women in the age group of 10-50 in the Sabrimala temple of Kerala.

What many of you may not know is that Sabrimala temple had a restriction on the entry of women belonging to the menstruating age group into its premises stating them to be ‘impure’. But Supreme Court overruled thus traditional and made it a legal decision that women should be granted entry to the temple. Age and gender no longer remains the hurdle.

But in the aftermath of thus verdict of the apex court trouble and disturbances started in Kerala. Although the decision of SC was welcomed by many, many with an orthodox mindset rebelled against the decision. Still now unrest prevails in the state. The temple authorities along with its local board wanted to submit a petition against the decision of SC. But the state government refused to accept any such petitions and gave their full allegiance to the the SC. Some daring women even entered the temple inspite of the large scale protest against it.

As of the present situation, protest still continues. The protest have grown so massive that the center have advised the state government to consider accepting the petition if that means that peace will be restored in the state. Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB), the board appointed to look after all issues relating to the Sabrimala temple have issued a statement after this. “We’re ready to compromise. Will the protesters call off agitation if the board files review petition?” A Padmakumar, the president of the board said on Thursday evening.

Now we will have to wait till tomorrow to see what turn the event take. Will the protestors be content with filing the petition? Will agitations continue or will it cool down? Will the decision of the SC brought under review? Will the SC decision be forced to change because of the pressure of the mass? Or will India get to keep with its modern point of view on things and women will get their rightful right regardless of their age?

These are some very important questions with regard to the Sabrimala issue as of now. I really want the verdict of the Supreme Court to hold on. But to know the exact answers we will have to wait and see. And as it is said, it’s only a matter of time before we get to know it all. But I hope that whatever may happen, the right of equality that our constitution grants us is upheld.


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