Will Sui Dhaga Join the 100 Crore Club Soon?


Bollywood movie Sui Dhaga, staring Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan is running very successful in numerous cinema halls throughout the country. Till today, which marked the 10th day of its release, the film managed to earn 71.70 crores. No doubt in it that Sui Dhaga is a box office hit. The way the film is running and attracting audience from all age groups, it looks like it will join the 100 Crore Club soon.

Telling a story of a simple couple from a village who makes it big through their rigorous hard work and persistence, the film can touche ones heart strings and attention quickly. It gets us involved emotionally and as the movie progresses we too want to see the duo succeeding as soon as possible.

The fate of the movie as a hit was written on the 1st day of its release itself. It was released on more than 700 screens in India. Along with India, the movie was released in countries like Australia, New Zealand too. As per reports, the movie have grossed more than 10 crores internationally.

Now that the movie have completed 10 days of release, the income seems to be dropping as compared to the earlier days. But still there are high hopes that will cross the 100 crore mark soon. We wish the whole team of Sui Dhaga : Made in India best wishes so that it can climb even higher in its success.



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