Why should boys have all the fun?

  • Surbhi Jain

Men are the earners. Women belong in the kitchen. Men go to work. Women watch the children. These are age-old stereotypes that belong in the 1950’s, yet they still exist in society today.

Gender roles are common in the ‘Indian Society’, though they have become less over the time. I believe it is slowly changing, but it’s not where it should be.

We talk about Gender equality, so why nobody teach boys to respect and do work for home, why the (boys) don’t serve and cook the food, why they don’t stand in the kitchen for long hours, why they don’t take a glass of water on their own, because society thinks ‘why they should be bothered by all this’ their only work is to earn money.

Boys should also be taught to do the household work. They should also be restricted in homes after 8 p.m. When we talk about equality of men and women it’s not implemented, just said by some honourable people.

We say girls should be within their limits, why not boys should be taught to be in their limits? Why parents emphasis on teaching girls the morals and values. Why they don’t focus on her inner beauty. People nowadays advertise on fairness creams but do they really bring a change. They only make the people narrow-minded.

If we talk about the outer beauty of a person, even they have introduced this fairness cream for boys, just to have an attractive personality to get the attention of people? Does only outer beauty matters for completing the criteria of beauty in society?

People should do what they say, being modern is not just looking good or wearing something branded, it’s about bringing a change in the mindset of people.

And, yes it is always said “Bache toh ghar se hi sikhte hai”, so bring a change in society by breaking those typical norms for girls.


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