After the Supreme Court’s verdict on the entry of women (within the age group 10 to 50) into Sabarimala, the Kerala State has been in a turmoil, dividing the population into two groups –One, supporting the SC’s decision and welcoming it as a Magna Carta of Gender equality and the others dissenting on the intervention of SC into the age old practises of the Sanctum Sanctorum. Sabarimala is obviously a matter of religion and faith .Lately, many protests, rallies and problems have arisen regarding the entry of women. Though it might seem to be a struggle between believers and non-believers, deep down there are some dirty politics being played.

Since, the Lok Sabha elections are not that far away; this issue is being wisely exploited and used as an opportunity for political motives. Kerala is the only state where there is such a majority of communism supporters. The BJP is absolutely aiming to reap from the 2019 polls and to get a firm ground in Kerala, gaining support from the believers, through their stand on the Sabarimala issue.

The state government is doing nothing more than implementing the Supreme Court’s order. But the haste to implement the order is being seen as an alleged ‘Anti-Hindu’ agenda of the CPIM. The BJP and RSS are of the opinion that the CPM led government in Kerala is using the Supreme Court’s verdict as a strategy to divide the Hindu society and demolish temples and religions.

However, the protests and violence by RSS against the women who ventured to enter Sabarimala makes it doubtful whether they were the ones to actually destroy the sanctity of the shrine. The RSS-Sangh Parivar has been alleged of unleashing terror in the state by Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan. Amidst this, the Congress is displaying ‘double standards’ by not taking a firm side. Though they initially opposed the order and took part in the protests, they have distanced from the protests fearing their involvement along with the Sangh Parivar will bring them bad results.

This whole issue happened due to the political motives and neither the Central nor State Government took proactive measures to stop these type of issues. They could have started the discussions immediately after the Supreme Court verdict or should have taken time to resolve this issue. Sabarimala is a sacred place and its sanctity must remain pure and no politician should be allowed to achieve political mileage through communal polarisation.

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