Why not strive to be like the Snowflakes?


Uniqueness is what they are known for.

Individuality is what they stand for.

All of us have heard about snowflake and I believe many of us are fascinated by it. Many among us are lucky to have seen them with their own eyes. But did you know that the millions of ice crystals that fall from the sky, dearly known as snowflakes, during the death of winter are actually unique in themselves? Did you know that if we compare the shape and form of the snowflakes there will be no two among them which will be alike? It really is a wonder and mystery in itself that how these tiny specks of ice can be so different from each other that they totally contrast.

The thing that most fascinates me about snowflakes, apart from their beauty, is their great quality of uniqueness and individuality. But I believe we have a lot to learn from them.

Just like the snowflakes, every human being is unique in themselves. No to persons can be similar from birth. Even the most identical twins have their own individual characteristics which make it possible for the keen observer to differentiate between them. But now the question is that if the inanimate thing like snowflakes, which exists only till the moment once they fall from the sky can maintain their individuality, why can’t we humans who live for so long and get so much time to show and prove ourselves for who we do so?

Competing to better oneself is good and necessary. But it is beneficial only till the time the competition remains healthy. What we need to concentrate on is to better ourselves, not pull the ones who are ahead of us down. We should hone our individual characteristics and see where we can reach depending on our own talents and skills.

Striving to learn something new and prove ourselves is going. But doing so at the risk of losing who we actually are is never beneficial. In today’s fast moving and competitive world we get so lost in running behind success, money etc that we tend to forget who we really are gets veiled somewhere. It is high time that we become alert about it and save ourselves from obscurity.

It is said that every person has that unique talent and capacity in themselves which sets them apart from the other and which can be the ladder for our success in life. What we need is to discover that talent in ourselves and shape it for the better. Be proud of and respect your individuality and uniqueness and the same applies to others’ too. If the tiny snowflakes can maintain their individuality for so many millions of years why can’t we? Their uniqueness makes then the topic of talk, wonder, and study so why can’t we try to develop our own? If we can appreciate and love the snowflakes from being differently different than I believe we need to start thinking the same way about ourselves too. Let us all strive to be like the snowflakes – unique, individualistic but still beautiful and praiseworthy.

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Hi! My name is Gitika and I am a final year Masters degree student of English. I love creative writing and reading novels. I enjoy exploring new places and spending time with my friends and family. I hail from the beautiful state of Assam and my family is my strength.


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