Why does trump photo look when writing ‘Idiot’ on GOOGLE?


Google CEOs have come under the scourge of American lawmakers, They have been questioned why the picture of US President Donald Trump is seen as ‘Idiot’ in Google search. MPs have asked questions besides this. Sundar Pichai told that it is happening on such a technical basis. There is no human intervention in this.

According to the news of Hindustan Times, Pichai told that when a user enters the keyword in a search, he searches for that webpage and photo based on an algorithm. Actually, the Google search engine is designed in such a way that when a word is repeatedly searched, the search engine then puts that keyword into a popular category.

American congressman, who was not satisfied with this answer of Lofgren Pichai If he says, then it means that after sitting behind the curtain do somebody design? Pichai said that it is not so. The Google search engine has not been designed like this.

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The first news came that Trump could take action against the company on the wrong image of the American president in Google search. He had said that since the post has taken over, the media always runs the news against me. Trump was directly attributed to Google for his pain. Trump alleges that Google is also playing a bigger role in finding negative news about me, which is dangerous.

Donald Trump is an American president, but Google is telling him the idiot. In fact, the type of trump seen on top of ‘Idiot’ in Google Image Search is the American blog site Babyspittle. This site especially works to find out the stereotypes of rumors and rumors spread on them. On this Donald Trump has repeatedly been called an idiot. This blog site has written many articles against Donald Trump. Trump has been criticized on ‘stupid acts’.


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