Why Do Someone Feel Isolated In Crowd


We all, at some point in time,, to feel lonely. This loneliness does not just bother us when we are alone but, also penetrates our peace of mind in a crowd too. We all must have for at least once have felt isolated despite being in a crowd. There is always a group of prejudice people living around us in the society and you’d be surprised to know that whenever you would put up the question or the reasons of feeling deserted or isolated in a crowd, the first reply that you are bound to get is, ‘fallen in love or heartbroken due to the same, etc.’ But this reason cannot be applied to everyone, everywhere.

There is reasons par love that often make us feel desolated amidst the crowd. These reasons could range from a peer pressure of looking good to family problems; one’s dear ones’ demise to almost anything that has the capacity to disturb our peace of mind.

There are people who are extrovert and thus, are good at making new friends and they do not hesitate in mingling with the strangers. Then there are people who have no issues with being alone. They in fact enjoy their loneliness. There is also a group of people who are introvert this, of preserving nature. They have a group of few perfect friends and do not have the confidence to meet others or let them enter their lives. Some of the most prevalent reasons for the isolated feeling in a crowd can be:

*The person is an introvert: socializing is not the characteristic of an introvert person. The find this socialism an exhausting task and thus, avoid the same.

*lack of quality in relationships: many of us belong to a family of a large number of members but, the members lack the strongly rooted inter-relationships among themselves and so, we have our access to the quantity but, not the quality of relationships.

*having your guards up: there are various people who are hesitant about being emotional in front of others. So, they try to preserve themselves from being available to others in an emotional sense.

*the social media worm: you must have surely heard about the bookworm tags. So, here we have another similar tag for all those who have no other business to bother about except for the social media. In the hours of availability to reach social media, they feel lonely because they have never had interest in reaching out the people standing beside them.

*the peer pressure: we all have had experienced this thing for at least hundreds of times when a friend of ours is a master of luxuries that are hard to afford by us thus, making ourselves feel inferior and lonely. Then we also must have experienced loneliness in the hours when our counterparts are performing ways better than us.

*the family issues: the issues rising up in our families do often disturb our peace of mind thus, not letting us concentrate on our surroundings

*illness: be it physical or mental, when we suffer from an illness we all feel lonely because we are depressed and are in no mood of fun while others are the busy, jolly celebs around us.

* stress: stress could be any, due to the professional, family or because of some personal commitments. When stressed, we hardly enjoy being in a group of people and rather sit silently busy in the loops of our own thoughts.

Loneliness is often a cause of our journey towards being a physical and mentally sickness. We may not be aware of the fact loneliness may also result in deaths due to cardiac arrests or cardiac attacks. Its lead us towards being weak in almost in every field of a happy life right from the immune system to a relaxed mind.

We all need to thus avoid the same. Talking to letting yourself be friends with others is no harm to ourselves

Being preserved in nature does not mean that you have to be alone all day long throughout your life.


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