Why breakfast is so important to have?

  • Akila S R

On this racing world, We people tend to skip our food and run to the office or college.We care about our work and necessity but not our health.If we need sufficient energy and stamina to pursuit our work to the expected level, It is necessary to have proper food and diet.On the flip side, quantity, quality and time, we eat also matters.So when we concentrate at breakfast, number of factors has to be focussed.Nutritious and healthy breakfast must be for everyone of us.There are number of beneficial outputs of having breakfast.When we don’t, the situation is at risk.Even if it doesn’t respond instantly, the process is gradual.Benefits of having breakfast are some below.


Escape from obesity

Breakfast plays a vital role in losing weight.It has been stated that, breakfast reduce average of 17.8 pounds over 3 months.Present days, obesity had spread widely.It avoids you from overeating in the whole day.“Skipping breakfast can lead to you bingeing later on,” says nutritionist Teresa Boyce.

Fuel of the day

Breakfast plays the best part in increasing our metabolism.It makes you energetic.It increases your body strength and keeps you active for whole days.When you don’t consume food, you blood sugar level decreases and obviously get tired.A fresh and nutritional breakfast activates you and makes you more attentive.


Brain activator

When you start your day with a empty stomach, It can’t be your day.Breakfast triggers your brain and makes it work fresh.Research says, Having breakfast can increase our memory power and increase our interest towards out responsibilities.Breakfast stimulates your metabolism which further increases our stamina.

Free from Stress and Anxiety

Breakfast also has impact on our behaviour, attitude and even our mood swings.It is also responsible for reduction in stress level too.When you are with an empty stomach, you are pushed to get temper easily.There by, you get too stressed and worried.Breakfast makes us happy and feels refreshed.

Foods for breakfast

Foods containing vitamins, proteins and fibres are more healthier.




>cereals and bread

>Oat meal

>Boiled egg





>Chia seeds

>Green Tea

>Protein shake


Vices Loud Virtues Quiet-BY Tarun Rajput 




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