Who said life would be easy?


People seem to expect this gift to be like riding a bike on a bright sunny day downhill on a comfortable slope. When they discover that this would not be the case they lament being stuck with an existence that has so much to offer. Life may not always be the best or even easy, but that is what makes it so special. Life is unexpected and has a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs but if we all learn to embrace life with all its quirks then yes, we can live in harmony with its course.

Life may riddle our journey with challenges but what matters is how we react to these temporary hurdles. It is about those little things too, romanticize every moment no matter who it is that is judging you at the moment.

Relish that cup of coffee, take that selfie, travel and make memories, read that book or maybe just sit back and watch the sunset. Learn from your mistakes and most of all learn to forgive yourself and others.

Life has different priorities and goals to offer to different groups of people but what matters, in the end, is that we stand at the end of our respective lifelines with absolutely no regrets and say with our heads held high “This was my life and I leave with no regrets.”


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