Whether honey is adulterated or not ? Sit Back & Check At Home Now


Honey is considered to be a panacea for health. Due to the medicinal properties of honey, its consumption is very common. At the same time, honey is losing its purity, because the adulteration has increased. FSSAI, the largest body of Food Safety, believes that adulteration is being done in honey. Looking at the adulteration business, FSSAI has also done testing of many brands sold in the market, but have not said anything on the report. Sunil Bakshi, Advisor of Regulation and Codex Department of FSSI said that there was no provision of adulteration in the old standards, so the complaints of adulteration have increased very much in the past.

In the new standard revised we have got to work on many parameters about the adulteration. If you have got an extraction of Aceto, sugar or water, then you will know because now everything in honey will be fixed. The quantity of Polan Nector will also be fixed, around 25 thousand. Meaning, there will be polar leaders of flowers in the real honey, if it does not happen then that honey will be considered fake. Although the standards are for the manufacturer or the Honey Maker only, we have put some tips on our website for the consumer. By which they will be able to check the property of Honey at home. FSSI talked of testing big brand like Dabur, Patanjali, Zandu immediately after coming out of this new standard Testing is complete Actually, this test is done on the basis of the doubt that sugar syrup is mixed. Not only this, but the new standard has also been brought in, because the old standards of honey were mixed in that the provision of C3 was not mentioned. In such a case, the companies were very easily running.

The complaints of honey concentration and adulteration in the market have increased greatly in the past days. The standard on honey first did not focus on adulteration, but antibiotic, Moisture, sucrose, microbiological, inescapable parameters were taken care of, but the adulteration in the new standard i.e. added sugar, what is the sugar syrup is not, the focus is on the standard has been made.

According to the new standard, testing of c3 c4 will be. The new standard has a total of 20 parameters. It will be easy to identify pure and adulterated honey after the arrival of this standard. Due to the adulteration market, HoNEy’s Standard Draft was released in December and its notice came in August.

Earlier, even if the companies were selling adulterated honey, then it could not know anything from its testing anywhere. But now it will not happen. If the adulteration of honey will be punishment these new standards will apply from January 1. If there is a violation of standards, then the fine of three lakh and a 6-month jail. For honey also, the adulteration of food products will be provided only by the adulteration of food products.

Home test 

  • Thumb Test – Fake honey flows like water but lives in real hands. Put the thumb into the honey after that if the honey is flowing then it is fake but if it remains in the thumb then it is a real honey.
  • Water test– If the honey stays in water then understand that it is real but if honey dissolves in water it is fake.
  • Fire Test – Take the spin of the match’s first and place a fire in it and then put a fire in the honey, if the honey starts to fire then honey is real or else it is not.
  • Fly – leave this honey bottle open in the air, where flies are. In pure honey, the fly does not get trapped and dies if the fake honey falls into it.

Adulterated honey will be the same in every season, but the real honey will freeze in the cold. The adulterated honey leaves the stain on the white cloth, but the real honey leaves no stains.

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