Where Is The Nation Heading To??


We have still not recovered from the terror of Nirbhaya case and have already witnessed many more incidents like this. We are yet to witness many more in near future. It is extremely confusing on whom to put the blame on- whether the patriarchic society in which we have been brought up or the loopholes in the law that doesn’t grant severe punishment to the guilt in rape cases.

India has secured third place in Commonwealth Games 2018 with a total medal count of 66. Many Commonwealth records have been broken by Indians. An Indian shuttler has gained world no.1 position in badminton singles. But all of us are bind folded with the thoughts of rape and murder of an eight-year-old Asifa. Every Indian’s heart is a heavy and whole nation is outraged at it. Hashtags on justice for Asifa has been trending. “Did she really get justice?” is a billion dollar question.

A similar incident has been observed in Surat also. The victim was a 9-year-old girl.

Another spine-chilling incident that occurred in a clinic in Kerala is that a 2-year old baby girl was found flushed down in a toilet.

The list goes on. We are exposed to only a few incidents.

These incidents evidently show that India has not progressed in terms of giving equal rights to women. It is still in the clutches of male dominant society and there are no hopes of getting free. All that is left is constant fear among females for males. No place is safe in this country, be it office or school or college or even temple.

There would be real freedom for women only when they are able to step out of their homes without thinking what others would comment on their dressing and whether they would return safely without getting harassed.




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