When He Faced It


When He Faced It? He had to face all that he had been running away from. There was no other way possible to skip that and move further. This had been a great irony in his life that things that he had avoided forever are now at once standing in front of him. And he had no time to prepare himself for it. Years ago, his father was the same as Suyash now is. He was all the same, same feature, looks physique but a different entity.

Suyash Goenka was a brand name now. He had had the same fortune as that of his dad. He had everything a boy wished for. He had every luxury one could think of with help running errands around him was a great thing to talk about. The same brilliant entrepreneur mind and the aim to be the peak of the market made him a most awaited guy at the headquarters of his ancestral firm.

As is said, the brightest diamond is always found in the darkest mine. Suyash was a living example of it. He had everything but, literally nothing. This was what he thought. He had no happy family thing and had been yearning for one. His father was commitment phobic and had no courage to introduce her to his family. His cowardliness met no ends when he finally married another girl.

His mother had a new life in her as Suyash. When two of ladies were face to face had no option left to live when Suyash’s father accepted that he cannot leave any of them. When the harsh words of him left his mouth, the ladies left him leaving an infant back to suffer. Mr. Goenka had Suyash as his only reason to live. Suyash was never unaware of his family history. But, had no sympathy for any of his parents over their loss. But, yes he loved his father damn a lot.

A few months ago, Suyash had joined the firm he was soon to be the master of. Rujuta, a girl full of life and spirit
She was an all-time jolly but, talented warmblood with a determination to do something. Suyash and Sujata, as the employer and employee had mingled quite well.

She had also become his buddy in no matter of time. With time they moved a step further to this friendship and were a couple now. Like his father, Suyash being commitment phobic had no guts to accept his lady publically. He also had no courage to tell his father about her that too when his father had given him all the liberty to marry a girl of his choice to protect his child from the pain he had lived with.

The regular fights and issues had been an uneasy matter to talk about. The upset days, the hard to survive nights and her low face had become a common thing now for a happy couple. Despite all this Suyash had made no attempt to accept her with commitment. And one day, it ended when Rujuta was done with him and quit her job.

Her cries over the phone, his longing to be with her, her teary, swollen eyes and the smiley face hardly left his mind. He was heartbroken now. He would bear the unbearable pain in his heart. His agony was a tough thing to give words to. A year had passed but fear of commitment did not allow him to bring Rujuta back to him. Soon, Rujuta married a guy her family chooses. He knows the pain he gave to his lady love. He missed her now.

Now that he was living all that his father had, he could now understand the tough life his father lived. He could now recall all the instances when he failed to be with him, be his support. He knows it all now when he lived with it. When he faced it.




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