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Whatsapp is used by billions of people. This is the most used app in the world. Whatsapp is working to get its hold on every internet user. For this, the app is working on new features. Various features are coming soon from Video Calling to WhatsApp Business to Dark Mode on WhatsApp.

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At the same time, WhatsApp has launched many features that people have liked. During Diwali, Whatsapp released a sticker feature, which people liked quite a lot. This feature has also been used for the purpose of Diwali. So let’s know about 5 such features of Whatsapp, which are coming soon.

  1. Whatsapp Dark Mode: Dark Mode Feature is already on Twitter, YouTube. People have been waiting for this feature for a long time. Soon you can get this feature on WhatsApp and Instagram. After using the dark mode feature, there will be less emphasis on using WhatsApp on your eyes.
  2. Whatsapp Add Contact Feature: Users will soon be able to add new contacts without exit from WhatsApp. When you add a new number, the app automates will only add the country code next to the number. Also, you will also be given the information that this number is on WhatsApp or not.
  3. Whatsapp QR Code: QR code feature is coming on WhatsApp soon. With this help, any new contact can be added to scan its QR code. To use this feature you must have the latest version of Android.
  4. Whatsapp Contact Ranking: After the introduction of this feature, you will see those contacts from WhatsApp, which you talk to more. With this feature, WhatsApp will rank the contact according to your interaction. These rankings will be according to WhatsApp audio, video and chat.
  5. Whatsapp Private Reply: Soon you will be able to reply to the private reply in the WhatsApp group. Whatsapp is testing this feature. This feature of WhatsApp is spotted on the Android Beta version 2.18.355.



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