What your coffee mug says about you…

What does a coffee cup reveals about you...
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Last weekend, my friends and I were out for a coffee break. Apart from fresh brewed coffee and lot of gossips, there was something that was seeking my attention. That thing is super attractive coffee mugs. It may be a marketing strategy for those café owners but there is a reason for you to pick up a particular cup of coffee.

How do you select a coffee mug:

For many amongst us, coffee is a first drink to start a day with. We like our coffee in the same cup every day. Selecting a mug comes from our senses. You look at the cups, your eyes stay on a cup, you start creating a bond with that cup and it readily becomes your everyday coffee cup. Let’s have a look on the cups found in our homes and what does it tell you.

  • Traveller’s mug:

    Go Traveler..!
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The usability of a travel mug is very well understood by people who are stuck with their touring job schedule. It saves them by serving their coffee exactly the way they want. But if you are using this cup regularly, that means you never have time to drink your coffee, in a relaxed way. People whose every-day coffee cup is a traveler mug never go for one thing at a time. They are perfect examples of a multi-tasker. They may look like they cannot come out of a typical situation. But, they always figure out how and what can be done. These people never say no for any adventurous act. Always ready for almost everything.!


  • Disposable coffee cups:

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You can see a bin full of disposed cups in every two days. The people who prefer to use disposable cups every time they make their coffee are those who doesn’t care much about anything. They give only one chance to others as well as themselves to think. It will be a no if decided once or a yes if they jumped on a yes. If it comes to their professional lives, they are the one whom we call workaholics. Using disposable cups are not that good for the environment but wait..who has time to think about that. They are always busy in ticking all the points of their ‘to-do list’ of the day(which is obviously a long one).


The most common type of mug that we see in almost every house. A ceramic mug is easy to wash and easy to care. The people who prefer ceramic mugs in their favorite pastel shade have a habit of color coding their closets. They may select a vibrant red mug that shows their passion or a soothing green blue shade that shows their calmness. These are the most organized kind of person amongst their family members. They keep their mugs washed and in a well-arranged manner. You can even find cup mountains in their cupboard, definitely their mug placed on the apex. These cup mountains may vary in colors but have a uniformity in the cupboard.


  • Rubic’s cube mug:

    Rubic's cube mug
    Image source: Pinterest

I have seen this mug at my friend’s place and found very interesting. I still tease him by calling him Mr. Rubic. These kinds of people rely on shortcuts. They are the one who can’t sit idle till they reach out the solution. Keep themselves busy with some random kind of stuff. Sometimes they may behave as introverts. They are too shy to ask for help from someone. They believe in the fact that lesser the people, lesser the time will be needed to complete a task. These people are good readers but enjoy comic strips at most. As their nature is to finish off early and switch to next.


They are the most creative kind of people. The design on their cups indicate the fields in which they are most interested in. Some show an old memory that makes them nostalgic. A personal mug may display their name in glitter-full cursive handwriting. This shows that person is highly ambitious. They are aiming really high. They get uncomfortable if some other person reaches for that mug. These people keep it safe and away from others but never forget to enjoy their coffee in this personalized mug. They are the one who takes pride in this mug and tends to dive in past.


  • Mugs with funny quotes:

    Image source: Cafepress

The people who use such mugs are the ones who believe in breaking the rules. Just because rules are meant to be broken. These people make sure that their mug catches eyes of all while they casually sip around every corner of workplace. These people are daring enough to try anything new. They don’t want to be audacious by saying anything that offends people around them. So they let their mug do so. They might have a collection of such mugs and picks them up according to their mood.

Image source: Newbury Comics

The people who prefer these jars are highly active on social media. They love to share each and everything story with others. They are attached to every drink they make. Mason jar users understand that coffee is just not a beverage but an emotion. They keep on experimenting with their iced coffee. When these people are making coffee to relax, they make full efforts and put a lot of craft in their jar. They may add lots of smooth cream or ice cream or may decorate it with lots and lots of chocolates. And at last..before having this nicely done jar, they never forget to share it on their social accounts.



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