What The Waves Teach Us….



Falling with the ebb and rising with the flow

You are always on the go

You are the one who calm my soul

Infront of your eyes, many ages roll.

Water always has a calming effect on people. I believe anyone who has the opportunity to sit by a sea always enjoys those soothing moments of doing nothing but just looking out towards the endless horizon of water in front of us and letting it take away all our worries, sorrows and tensions, even though for a few moments.

I have always loved the waves – the way they come rushing to the shore in full force and then go back just the opposite of as they came, calm and gentle. Just sitting there on the shore leaves me mesmerized and spellbound, as if they cast a magic on me as they come and lets me just relax and be in my own bubble.

But the waves teach us many things about life. Some of the most important lessons that the waves taught me are of patience, persistence and to believe in oneself. Let me tell you why!

Have you ever noticed how the waves come, hit the giant rocks on the shore and then silently recedes back to the welcoming fold of the sea or the ocean? However gigantic the wave may be, it seems it can pose no harm to those mighty rocks. But the interesting fact is that even these rocks are forced to accept defeat and break down after years of receiving the same treatment from the waves.

This just gives us a lesson that if we have a goal in front of us and we are persistent to achieve it we can surely succeed in it with time. We only need to have enough patience and belief in ourselves to achieve it. It may take a long time and we may not succeed in the first attempt itself, but if we keep trying success is never too far away. I think the person who coined the saying ” Try and try until you succeed” had the waves in mind while saying it!

Another lesson that the waves teach us is that of time (management). Do you know that the waves hit the shores and then goes back at almost the same time every day, every day of the year? Yes, it is true. What it depends on is the cycle of the moon for the slight changes. So, if inanimate things like the waves can maintain time, even without devices like clocks and watches, I think we, the high-tech and modern humans with all our technology should learn it too. After all, if we respect other’s time than only will they respect ours.

The waves that we see today are the same waves that generations prior to us witnessed. They are the same old waves, always doing the same actions without any complaints and never getting tired. We should learn this too from the waves because we tend to complain even before we complete our jobs and often get tired of it.

The natural world has many things to teach us. We just need to observe and learn. For me, the waves have many faces – it is a teacher, sometimes it can be a friend with whom we can share anything we want with no fear of it getting out, sometimes it can be as soothing as a mother’s words and sometimes it simply pulls us into a different, romantic world just like a lover. Everyone can get something different from the waves and that is where all the wonder and mystery lies, which have captivated many generations till date and I believe will do the same for many generations to come.

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Hi! My name is Gitika and I am a final year Masters degree student of English. I love creative writing and reading novels. I enjoy exploring new places and spending time with my friends and family. I hail from the beautiful state of Assam and my family is my strength.


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