What makes people kill in the name of love ?


Every day, the newspapers are flooding with news of jilted lovers plagued and obsessed by their one-sided love, who murder their love interest in a pang of rage and irateness.

Having the ability to kill sane thoughts and put logic on the pillion seat, obsession is the latest ‘macho’ which suppresses and quills reasons and sane judgments. There are many cases of one-side lovers where compassion is replaced by possessiveness, which in turn is fueled by enviousness and irateness. And when those imbecile and dim-witted lovers have a taste of failure in possessing what they want to, going to the extent of being malignant and often killing their so-called lover comes naturally to them. Stabbing or shooting are not the only options for these barbarous and bloodthirsty people. If they want to kill someone slowly and bluntly, practicing vicious acts like acid attacks become a pretty small deal for them.

On September 18, 2017, a man was reported to have shot his girlfriend five times for jilting his proposal. He further tried to end his own life but survived. Unequivocally, this man was in love with the girl, enough to propose her for marriage. But what were the reasons that transmogrified a once-to-be-beautiful love story into an incident smeared by blood and death? The various reasons that can trigger such malicious emotion are:-

Ignoring existing problems.
Every relationship is brimmed with problems and misunderstandings. Sweeping those problems under the rug due to the inability of the couple to solve them is ludicrous. The couple thinks that these issues will be solved themselves. How bizarre and illogical is this thing? Such pent-up rage can lead to its paroxysm or sudden outburst over time. Resultantly, the partner’s life comes in danger.

Physical and emotional abuse
In many relationships involving domestic violence, if the victim chooses to stay in that relationship for whatsoever reason, the constant drowning of the victim in the pool of abuse by their very own partner may cause psychological damage to the victim. His lungs may become overfilled with water and he may soon decide to seek retaliation.


A love triangle is a cause which has the highest frequency in the causes of the list of crimes of passion. As soon as a person discovers the involvement of their partner with a paramour or lover, jealousy reaches its zenith. These feelings may span out of control and turn into the feeling of retribution.
A case like that occurred in Nairobi when a 24-year-old woman stabbed her boyfriend 22 times when she got to know that he had a mistress.

A majority of the victims of such attacks are women and children. However, these delinquencies or crimes cannot be taken back, in spite of knowledge of the reasons. Only one moment of your life can ruin and plague you for your entire life. This is a family withering crime and the criminal may also be sentenced to life imprisonment or death. One should learn to face rejection maturely so that no one’s life gets ruined, everyone remains safe and secure.


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