Tesla stands for the cars which actually challenged for an all-electric car revolution. In the recent days, there is a lot of controversy being heard on Tesla and even more, happening sort of thing is that Tesla is charged with series of mishaps and hence with the checks and reality at the tail end is the worst month ever on the market.


The electric car manufacturer – the stock to 8 per cent on Tuesday and from then on Wednesday, the biggest two-day decline happened since 2016. Thus, Tesla has shares which lose nearly a quarter of their value within three weeks.

There are a number of shareholder anxieties due to the safety issues set in the declination with the extent of being in the future. Thus the National Transportation Safety Board launched an investigation last week and since then a fatal Model X crash in California and resulted in a fire authority not determined for the car crash if autopilot was involved.

Thus, Tesla voluntarily recalled all the 123000 Model S cars and the accounts for almost half of the cars were sold. The manufacturer has claimed since then is with the evidence of “excessive corrosion” and with power steering bolts in cold climates, there is no indication of what caused on with the accidents taking place often, and without any indication, Tesla retrofits the component.

Hence it is to note that Tesla getting struggled with manufacturing delays for the Model 3, for more affordable and widely available version and its higher-end electric cars. During these days Elon Musk, CEO, consistently estimates with the production volume with the new vehicle and the initial ballpark figures for the second half of the last year has over 100,000 to 200,000 units.


Though there is a lot of controversies held within the tandem hence one has to often note that these kinds of cars not only is capable of saving the environment at some extent also will somehow come in demand though there are a rise and fall among them during these days.


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