Weird Laws Across The Globe


I have written on literary themes or some allowed topic for quite a few days. So, just thought of picking up a topic something different that would be equally interesting to write as well as t be read. And the topic that I picked up today is actually one such and it is entitled as, Weird Laws Across The Globe.

There are always a few laws that you would be hearing about and would end up being shocked, surprised or laughing at. Some of these laws may be ethical, religious or even be legal ones which are actually so weird that you would not even believe them. Yes, guys! today, I am here with a list of a few weird legal laws across the world that you may find hard to believe. And here goes the list:

  •  Its a legal law in Australia for men to crossdress unless the dress isn’t strapless. How funny and unbelievable..yeah!! But that’s a truth.
  •  One of the legal laws of the Maldives states that the public observation of any religion apart from Islam is illegal and it also states that the importing of Bibles to the country is an offensive crime.
  •  A Japanese law states that its a crime to be an individual who is over-weighted. How incredible..!! A perfect law to keep its citizens healthy.
  •  We Indians, as per Hindu religion consider it a sin to step on money because we have a strong faith that goddess Laxmi resides in the wealth. A law similar to this faith is imposed in Thailand where it is illegal to step on the money.
  • We have been always hearing the arguments and jokes on the theme where a husband forgets his wife’s birthday and all the wives would be more than happy to hear that in Samoa, it’s illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.
  •  In Bangladesh, it is a law that if a student aged 15 or above is caught cheating in the examinations he can be sent to jail. Well, that’s a smart move by the Bangladesh Government to prohibit cheating.
  •  You would always get to hear a love story that is left incomplete because the lovebirds couldn’t get married due to one of the partners’ demise. Well, now we have a law from France where it is legal to marry a dead person.
  • One of the best laws to prohibit citizens from breaking traffic rules is from Finland which states that traffic fines in the country are calculated on the basis of the offender’s income percentage.
  •  In Minnesota, it is against the law to hang the male and female underwear together on the same washing line.
  •  If you are a resident of Western Australia, you cannot own more than 50 Kgs of potatoes at a time.
  • Now, this law that you are about to read is actually a bad one for the pregnant ladies, small kids and people with upset stomachs because in Switzerland you are not allowed to flush toilets after 10 p.m.
  •  You cannot have the luxury of gums and chewing gums if you are about to visit Singapore because the country has banned so. You can only have gums that have therapeutic value.
  •  Keeping fishes in some container for your enjoyment is considered as an act of cruelty and is thus, banned.
  •  In the city of San Francisco, it is banned t feed pigeons within the city area.
  • It is outlawed in Portugal to pee in the ocean.

There are more such weird laws coming from various countries and thus, the list comes endless. I would surely fail if I try to jot down all of these such laws. So, for now, these laws are the ones if the first edition of “Weird Laws Across The Globe.” Will try to list down the others some other time.


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