Weekend Coming… Y not have some Beer?

WARNING:- Don’t follow this if you are under some medical treatment!!!

Winters are almost going and the season of pleasant and smoothing breeze is there. Why would you not like to spice up your weekend by some Beer? Oh really? Some might feel Not like you need convincing, but this post is for those people who Wanna grab that Portion Control Beer bottle the person next to them is having but they don’t. Why? Coz’ they feel beer is harmful. 

Lemme clear the some myths and doubts of you guys then…

Beer can indeed boost up your Vitamin-B levels. Yes, that’s true Beer has good amount of folic acid, increasing vitamin-B in your body and hence prevent your body from heart attacks.

Beer even makes you absorb all the junk you eat throughout the weekdays, as it has some nice soluble fibers. So, you shall not be having a beer-belly then. Isn’t it cool?

Moreover do you know, The White House brews its own beer.

Beer is one of the oldest beverages that humans have produced. Beer which was made from baked barley bread was consumed daily by Egyptian pharaohs.

A moderate consumption of Beer is also allowed in athlete’s diet. You can also get a better bone density by the good silicon content in Beer. On the contrary fact, the Greeks viewed wine as a manly drink, while beer was seen as feminine and less classy.

Guys, there are 400 varieties of BEER, why wait and not get started at some this weekend only!!!


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