What to wear on Holi and what NOT to wear


It’s Holi hai time, but before that let us prepare you for the most-awaited colourful festival of India.

“While you enjoy smearing your friends and family with gulaal, it’s imperative you are dressed in comfortable yet fashionable clothes to enjoy the festive spirit without any worries. So to help you through the Holi fashion here are some fun and interesting tips and tricks for dressing stylishly yet comfortably.

1.Style inspiration

For those who prefer comfort dressing, you can pick a slightly loose t-shirt in bright shades of yellow, orange, red or even purple, and pair it with hot pants. To add a little twist to this, you can go for a fitted t-shirt and team it up with culottes or even funky pyjamas! This will make sure all colours showered on you stand out, and the added benefit is that you won’t feel too hot! Make sure you don’t wear transparent, clingy clothes as they tend to stick to the body once you get wet, making most people uncomfortable and call for unwanted attention.

2. Which fabric is best for Holi

Cotton is essentially the best material for this season as it keeps you cool irrespective of how harsh the Sun is especially with the early Holi this year around. Keeping that in mind, you can opt for a comfortable cotton dress in vibrant colours or prints. This ensures that even if you get drenched, the dress will still look pretty on you and not a slouch.

3. Which ethnic Indian wear will be best for Holi?

If you are in the mood for some ethnic Indian wear, go for the classic combination. So you can pair a white chickankari long kurta with leggings and if you’d like to add a little twist to it, you can team it up with a colourful bandhni print dupatta! Also, the colours of Holi are best showcased in white and give out a happy vibe. Even a white kurti with comfy-jeans is a good option as it makes you look stylish yet relaxed.

So this Holi, don’t shy away, rather go out and get drenched in the colours of joy.





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