We all have faced the situation where the inner reader in us is continuously knocking the door to get the hell out of the confined binds and grab a book and start reading. Don’t know about many but the avid readers must have done this, after all there is a reason that kindle was developed and sold off in the markets in thousands getting itself a plush sale. Sometimes due to the reason of our mothers not allowing to stack books in our home because of lack of space set for never used crockery or the books being sold at a soaring price our reader heart has to take with the budding consequences and sit idle meaninglessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook feed.

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Well there is good news for all the avid readers; we can read now thousands of books on Wattpad – a free app where we can have access to thousands of books on one platform ranging from fiction to non-fiction to different genres including fan-fiction, teen fiction, science, classics, historical and much more.

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What’s more interesting is that this app also gives all the budding writers a platform to induce themselves and showcase their talent through writing books on any genre and what’s more of a heaven for a fan-fiction reader and writer like me to flourish and reach out to maximum like-minded people.

Any book comes with a comment section also where on any line we can express our thoughts and processes and share information that even the writer is oblivious to. The best part about this is that it’s all free. So you don’t have to sulk in a corner if your mother scolds you for buying a book without permission or you accidentally buy a book which doesn’t suit your taste.

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Many books are written by the people aged between 15 to 30 which gives it more credit for amateurs to understand and set a foundation to connect to maximum people through their thought and genesis which gives us more of an opportunity to explore and gain more knowledge about what the mind of a reader or a writer swivels around, sitting thousands of miles away from you.

So next time if you are looking for a good read but with more benefits to save on, Wattpad is definitely your destination to embark upon.

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