A Watched Pot Never Boils


A perfect adage to explain the significance of not being impatient for anything in our wish list to be fulfilled is, ‘a watched pot never boils.’ This proverb implies to tell the fact that it seems to take forever if we wait impatiently for a thing to happen. Do your share of hard work and leave the rest to itself or the regarding authorities. Don’t watch the procedure too closely. It would appear to take endless time to get it done.

A very homely and quite improved proverb that always makes an attempt to manifest in us the basic values of a good citizen besides human being, ‘a watched pot never boils’ is all about doing hard work with full determination and dedication and leave the rest to the fate. Sitting ideally waiting for the results is both a waste of time and body. Firstly, it takes up your time that you could spend better at doing something fruitful and secondly, it wastes out your hard gained energy simply doing nothing.

Franklin Benjamin once concluded that it happened so, he was hungry. One of the servants ran for fresh waters, other for coal (fuel). The bellows were piled and lit. Now that I had been so hungry, it was so late. “A watched pot is slow to boil.” Franklin was a renowned scientist of the then years and he would have definitely known that watching a pot has no effect on its boiling time. But, because its a test of one’s patience, it appears to be late taking forever to get the needful done.

Its a fact widely excepted that time slows down when we wait for something to happen despite the contradictory fact that time and tide wait for no one. It seems to elongate when it is in the urgent need of the present to get that work done. This phrase lacks a literal meaning because technically it is completely a wrong thing to say as the pot is going to take the same time as it needs. The phrase is a poetic style of telling about the duration when we wait for something desperately.



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