WannaCry Ransomware Attack: Everything you need to know


There has been a huge outcry amongst the people across 150 countries since a few days over an anonymous cyber attack. Ransomware called Wanna Decryptor appears to be at the heart of the problem, and is demanding payment to unlock infected machines, basically it’s a model that encrypts the important documents, files of users and demand a ransom in order to obtain back.

It all started with affecting the systems of the nation health services(NHS) in Scotland followed by England, which then spread to the other parts of Europe. The incident has led many IT systems being shut down and other global company such as Nissan has too been affected. However, on the other hand, a cyber analyst known as MalwareTech, 22 was able to find a ‘kill switch’ to the WannaCry Ransomware which led to the virus being shutdown parts of the NHS and infected computers all over the world with users ordered to pay a ransom to recover control of their machines. There have been reports about the attack being linked to North Korea Google researcher Neel Mehta posted computer code that showed similarities between the “WannaCry” malware and a vast hacking effort widely attributed to Pyongyang. A South Korean cyber security expert said the way hackers took computers hostage was similar to previous cyber attacks attributed to North Korea. Researchers at Symantec and Kaspersky Lab also found similarities between WannaCry malware in the latest cyber attack and previous attacks blamed on North Korea.

According to the reports, in India around 45,000 computer systems have fallen prey to the WannaCry ransomware. Business was unaffected as markets and offices opened on Monday after a weekend. The broking and mutual fund industries were not affected by the malware attack, said top officials. The RBI has asked banks to operationalise their ATM networks only after software updates are installed. Cities such as Kolkata, Kerala, Gujarat, U.P.,Maharashtra were the major ones that suffered from the attack. On the other hand, major IT hub of India, Bengaluru did not report any such incident until Monday evening. The critical infrastructure agencies including banks, airports, telecom networks and stock markets have been asked to take precautions to shield themselves against the crippling global ransomware attack ‘WannaCry’. While India’s cyber security unit CERT-In is yet to receive a formal intimation of any major attacks, it has reached out to all government agencies and public utilities to stay alert. a list of do’s and don’ts have been shared with all vital installations and networks, including banks, stock markets, airports, defence, power and public utilities

There are various ways to protect yourself from it:

1) Stay away and Do not open any suspicious links and emails.
2) Update your software, mostly the older version of windows were affected. New ones were not. OS other than windows was too not affected.
3) Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date.
4) Be aware of suspicious e-mails and pop ups.
5) Create a back up of your data on your hard disk or somewhere.
6) If you’re already affected, don’t give in. Instead first disconnect the internet so that other systems don’t get infected and the call the cyber crime cell.


  1. Well according to my research, it’s an attack pivoted from North Korea as so many other cyber security personnel’s also claimed that these attacks were similar to the past attacks of North Korea. As we know North Korea’s GDP is based on human slave system.They send people to other countries to work and pay some part of their salary to the government and it also involved in a lot of illegal activities to raise funds of the government , so it’s no surprise that they were involved in this.


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