Voice of Change Raising in Turkey


Turkey is going vote on 24 June to decide its fate like it doing from last 16 years but its future always keeping in hands of Tayyip Erdogan, now many will think this time also Tayyib gonna reclaim its regime but this time it  looks a change gonna happen because Opposition Republican Peoples party found  new a man  that keeps rattling Edrogen.

The urge is there that Erdogan will not remain invincible when people go for the vote on 24th June they do not hesitate to go for fresh start and end of Erdogan dominance.

But the man who could make Turkey free from Edrogen hand is Muhharrem Ince a 54 four year teacher and old legislator of opposition party CHP and chosen as the presidential candidate.

If we look Mr.Ince background then he represented Yalova small province 50 miles from Istanbul since 2002. He father was a farmer he used to teach physics in school before coming to the politics.

His speeches went viral on Turkish social media; his humour inspired caricatures memes skewering opponents.

Recently his public meeting in Duzce received very active hostility. It was remarkable that over 5 thousand people were waiting to listen to this speech this shows his level of popularity.

Ince very clearly asking people in his public speeches to choose between freedom and fear; between national prestige and national solitude, the imposition of religious practises and freedom.

Even Ince keep challenging Edrogen for a public debate “lets us debate on any television network you choose” he says. Edrogen stayed quite on his challenge until Saturday, when he responded in words like “He has no shame, inviting me on television,’’Mr.Edrogen added that Mr.Ince would try to ‘’get ratings thanks to us’’Mr Ince restored, He says I want to get ratings, but even the weather forecasters are watched this his interviews.’’

In the one such speech in Parliament back in March Edrogen dismiss Ince as “poor person” But the opposition leader responded in this way by asking an important question “We got the salary at the same time. How come you become so Rich I am so poor? He indicating the corruption charges against Edrogen.

Under the Edrogen regime, polarisation is increasing between the social and ethnic group over the years. He challenger is talking about and promising the end of discriminatory practices used by Edrogen government and offering the vision of reconciliation. “The state doesn’t have any business if any candidate is Alevi or Sunni, Turkish or Kurdish,’’ Mr.Ince says this in his recent Public meeting. Also in his world there will no discrimination wheater one is wearing a headscarf or not, wheater one is women or men.

Mr.Ince always seems first in issue for moral leadership it could be seen in when back 2016 Turkish Parliament approved a constitutional amendment stripping its members of immunity from prosecution, Mr Ince very firmly argued against the bill and voted against of it despite his party looked divided on the subject.

Turks seem to be embracing his slogan of ‘Making peace and sharing together. In April Mr.Icne party C.H.P vote share was about 20% and but in the few weeks of Ince Campaign, C.H.P vote share increased about 30%

It seems like Edrogen time is running out as all opposition party coming together and having a leader and Ice like Ince there could a shift of power this time in Turkey but nobody knows which rabbit Edrogen and his team will pull out from the hat before the polling day.

But the shift in Turkish mood can be reflected in streets. television debates, tea shops everywhere across the county after a long time Edrogen seems no invincible and day seems like near when every Turkish citizen finally start living without a fear.



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