virtual reality

In this article ,I’ll try to explain what Virtual Reality(VR) is all about.
Let’s first know about the meaning of the word “Virtual” . Virtual means something that’s unreal but seems to be real. You can find an analogy to virtual reality in our everyday lives, that is our dreams. They seem 100% real, except they are not. You realize it’s not real only when you wake up.

Similar thing happens to you when you wear a vr-gear, which is nothing but a cool goggle cum headset combo consisting of two monitor screens to help you enjoy the great effect of VR . The two monitors are arranged in such a way that even though they are placed at a small distance to your eyes , you still experience an incredible depth in it.
Apart from the VR headset we also have other VR gear like the joystick and the data gloves which help you to interact with the objects in the virtual environment.Yep! You can do that.The first thing that you will want to see is your hands and then you would probably want to meddle around with some stuff.


virtual reality

The basic principles which have led to the success of the VR is the “IMMERSION” AND “INTERACTIVITY”.People became fond of this technology because they could find both of them in VR.

The combination of both these form a phenomenon is called “TELEPRESENCE”.

If you want to experience this amazing technology then all you need is a smart phone and a VR headset.The options for a VR headset are plenty starting from the google cardboard which can be bought at a cost of around 300 rupees to that of a high quality VR headset ranging over a lakh!!



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