Virginity, a state where a person has never engaged himself in any sexual intercourse. In simple words, a virgin is someone who’s never had sex but this word has different meanings for different people because this word is a symbol of love, affection and acquiesce. In this globalization era, where revolution is taking place at an alarming rate, thinking of people are also changing with the time but still, there are many citizens who have the bad opinion for this word especially when it comes to a women. Why we judge a woman on the basis of her virginity? A man who thinks himself the tiger of the society which symbolizes his dominance nature wants to enjoy their lives with women in bed
every night but the same man wants to marry a girl who is virgin.

Do men have the right to judge a girl on the basis of her virginity or the society have this right, if yes then why? Both young man and woman nowadays engage themselves in the promiscuous act. The days have gone when a woman most precious gift for her husband at wedding night was her virginity but the society here accepts the male promiscuous but not the female promiscuous just because of sexual double standards. Has gender equality permeated our sexual attitudes? The answer to this question by social psychologists is still vulnerable but in my point of view this the ridiculous attitude of society as well as male members towards the woman. Equality permits man and woman both to decide whether to engage themselves in any sexual activities before marriage or not. Why the only man has this right, not a woman. A man who sleeps with a girl should have respect for that girl and it is right of a girl to decide whether she wants to marry that person and spend life with him or not but our society gives this virtuous only to male members. A man decides whether to be with that girl after sexual intercourse lifetime or not and the same man wants his future wife to be pure.


The basic question which rises from this rude attitude of society is, “What is the meaning of equality if we still keep our minds narrow”? Why do we expect from a woman to ordeal at every step? A woman is a mother, sister, wife, friend and she stands by on her responsibilities and never ever give up on her relations and this face of her is acceptable by our mean society without any questions but the same woman if decides to intimate with her love before marriage then we people call her a bad example for our community but the same group of pupils don’t judge a man on the same basis. This discrimination will not end until we all decide to end it. A man is nothing without a woman if he decides to sleep with a woman, it is his duty to accept her for the lifetime and if he doesn’t wish to do so then the woman should have the right to decide that she wants to end that relationship or not. Sexual intercourse happens with the mutual understanding, trust and love and both the genders have equal rights to face its consequences together. The community is not allowed to judge any of them on their respective decisions and lastly, male members should value the feelings and emotions of female members before indulging themselves in any sexual relations. The day when all men will change their attitude towards women, this community will become a real heaven for female.



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