A video of Indian Army personnel on social media is becoming quite viral these days, in this video, Indian Army personnel are seen dancing fiercely on Pakistan’s popular songs ‘air-air’ on high snowed mountains. In this 30-second video, a whole group of soldiers is dancing on the song of Pakistani pop singer Hasan Jahangir. This song of Hassan Jahangir (air-air) came in the 1980s and was very popular.

Bleeding from the nose of News anchor, did not stop in live TV Show

Since this video of soldiers has been viral on social media, this is being discussed on all sides. Seeing the dancing of soldiers and enjoying them in such a tense atmosphere, one is committing negative comments on the soldiers to dance on Pakistani songs, but among them, all this video is also discussed in the discussion. In the video, a young man is dancing with a little puppy of the dog, who, after seeing other soldiers, go to him and dance to him.

Recently, another video of the Indian Army jawans is being viral, in which the soldiers seem to be doing the Bhangra with Chinese soldiers. Apart from dancing on Indian air force ‘air-air’ on social media, this video is also making a lot of noise. In this video, Indian soldiers take the soldiers of China on their tunes and seem to teach them Bhangra. The video of Indian soldiers doing the Bhangra with Chinese soldiers is being told of Dokmal, where the soldiers of India and China were doing maneuvers.

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