Viral Video of Indonesia’s Lion Plane Crash Announced to be Fake


After the heart crashing news of a Lion plane of Indonesia carrying 189 passengers on board crashing into the sea came out, people have been constantly keeping track of UT to keep updated. Till now, all we know is that there were no survivors left and going by how dangerous and harsh the crash was, there are no hopes of finding any of the passengers alive left.

As this news went viral, a video claiming to be recorded on board the plane, filled with distressed calls of the passengers to God started circulating. Very soon it became a very viral video across different media and social media platforms. But now, the authorities of the airlines have declared that the video is infact not of the plane that crashed. Thus video was recorded on board of another Lion plane, but it came out of danger safely without any harm caused.

This video was recorded on Lion Air flight JT 353 to Jakarta from Padang, another Indonesian city, on an unspecified earlier date. But the plane that crashed was Lion Air JT 610. 

Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency spokesman, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho tweeted, “This video IS NOT showing passengers of Lion Air JT 610. This is of passengers of Lion Air JT 353 Padang-Jakarta some time ago which was experiencing turbulence,”



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