Why Violence Is Not The Answer To Everything


In this day and age of modernization, wars, violence, and bombs (both nuclear and non-nuclear)  seem to be the answer for everything. Insulted by a diplomat’s remarks?  Drop an atomic bomb on his country. Disapprove of a country’s official religion?  Simply declare a war against them. Wars have always been seen as the ultimate solution for every conflict. And a century ago bombs might have been something of a destructive rarity, but today, they’re more than common.

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No matter what traditionally is believed, wars can never bring about peace. Wars can, in fact, only bring about more wars. A strike on a military or civilian base hurts the sentiments of a nation and in order to keep their ego intact, they almost always retaliate. And thus, we fall into this never ending cycle where we keep lashing out at each other. How about WE start with a positive gesture instead? An unexpected symbol of peace sent across to any county would reasonably send out a positive wave throughout the country. Feeling magnanimous, the country would respond in the same way. And this would, hopefully, lead to a cycle of goodwill and peace.

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Contrary to what the traditional norms and ethics of wars prescribed, civilians are also targeted in wars today. Harmless, innocent people have to often suffer the brunt of their country’s foreign policies. Do you know how many kids in the world learn how to operate guns before they can even learn how to write alphabets? Isn’t it disheartening that there are schools when kids are taught A for AK-47, B for bomb and C for Chaku (knife)?

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Is it too complicated for us to see how ironic is it that violence was brought about to ensure peace? Is it too difficult for us to leave the world a happier place? Can we not live in harmony with the people whose blood is the same as ours? It is high time we understand that violence comes at a cost we cannot afford to pay. And in this mad rush to own the earth, by the time we finish, there might not even be an earth left to call our own.

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